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Tired legs? Leg pain? Our Special Spa Program has got legs…

Have you ever considered how much work our legs do? Every day our legs support our body weight and help us fight stress. Leg problems are usually the result of an inappropriate diet, bad posture, standing all day, poor circulation as a result of crossing the legs for long periods…



Our legs play a dynamic role in our health, and it’s vital to protect them and to pamper them. Let us show you how. Our Spa has designed a specific program for your legs supple and healthy. The one-week program includes:

– Medical Aesthetic consultation;

– 3 vascular treatments;

– 3 hydro-massage treatments;

– 3 manual lymph drainage Dr Vodder method 30′ treatments;

– 3 pressure therapy treatments;

– 6 medicated mud therapy treatments.

We’ve developed this program for people who can set aside a week to get healthy… The Regina Isabella suggests a healthy diet based on fruits (especially red fruits) and vegetables that contain vitamin C and bioflavonoid that improve blood circulation.



Believe it or not, every time you take a shower you help your legs. The shock of the warm water facilitates your circulation. Then be sure to drink tea or an herbal infusion to help your drain excess body fluid.

cupcake mirtilli  fragole more


For more information on our “Specific Leg Program” call us at +39 – 081-99-43-22 or post a question on our Facebook page.


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Ischia between cinema, music and stars…

Last month’s 12th edition of Ischia Global Film & Music Fest was extraordinary, with the himelight heaped on Ischia and on the Hotel Regina Isabellawith press conference and encounters that have fascinated, surprised and launched future projects.



Noa, Israeli singer, led the parade with her sweet voice and her comments on the war plaguing her homeland. Gorgeous actress, Freida Pinto, talked about the world premiere of her movie “The Desert Dancer”, a touching storyabout an Iranian dancer who loves dance despite the opposition in his country. He learns to dance through Youtube and, ignoring the dangers, continues his passion.



Music was a constant presence during the Festival. Every evening romance was conjured up by Giovanni Allevi’s notes, Antonello Venditti’s songs and the wonderful voice of Italian singing superstar, Nek.

Italian fans of Disney icon Selena Gomez followed her everywhere she went. She posed for countless selfies in a douzen outfits. Just strolling through the streets of Ischia resulted in about a million likes on Instagram. And, another Disney icon, Lindsay Lohan, was on the island too!

ischia global 2014 - selena gomez - paolo virzì


The 5-Star Regina Isabella welcomed Oscar-nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor, Andy Serkis and Jessica Chastain, who spilled the beans about their future projects. Ejiofor received the festival’s “Actor of the Year” award. And Jessica Chaistain is far nore beautiful in person: natural and genuine girl. Her tip? “Believe in your dreams!” 


It was an extraordinary festival, and another extraordinary glimpse inside the world of cinema. We’re already gearing up for next July’s 13th festival. Don’t miss it! 😉

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Regina Isabella’s Secrets

Welcome to Regina Isabella’s kingdom

hotel hall

The Regina Isabella’s Secrets Blog was created to keep our guests in the loop concerning all updates and events happening at the hotel. It also lets our guests in on some of our most well guarded secrets such as our Chef’s recipes, beauty tips from the Spa and more.

Since we are what we eat, much of our blog is dedicated to food, which is taken seriously at the Regina Isabella. We also keep our readers informed on events happening at the hotel and on Ischia so they won’t miss out on anything. And of course, there’s always room for gossip… which guests will read here first.

We have secrets that won’t disappoint and are willing to share them with our most dedicated guests and followers. Stay tuned…

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