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Tired legs? Leg pain? Our Special Spa Program has got legs…

Have you ever considered how much work our legs do? Every day our legs support our body weight and help us fight stress. Leg problems are usually the result of an inappropriate diet, bad posture, standing all day, poor circulation as a result of crossing the legs for long periods…



Our legs play a dynamic role in our health, and it’s vital to protect them and to pamper them. Let us show you how. Our Spa has designed a specific program for your legs supple and healthy. The one-week program includes:

– Medical Aesthetic consultation;

– 3 vascular treatments;

– 3 hydro-massage treatments;

– 3 manual lymph drainage Dr Vodder method 30′ treatments;

– 3 pressure therapy treatments;

– 6 medicated mud therapy treatments.

We’ve developed this program for people who can set aside a week to get healthy… The Regina Isabella suggests a healthy diet based on fruits (especially red fruits) and vegetables that contain vitamin C and bioflavonoid that improve blood circulation.



Believe it or not, every time you take a shower you help your legs. The shock of the warm water facilitates your circulation. Then be sure to drink tea or an herbal infusion to help your drain excess body fluid.

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For more information on our “Specific Leg Program” call us at +39 – 081-99-43-22 or post a question on our Facebook page.


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